Camden 'Quick Wins' - Phase 2

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Added by George Coulouris

You probably remember that we began a new 'Quick Wins' campaign in November 2013.

I asked members for their suggestions for (very) minor improvements throughout the borough that will make cyclists feel better catered for. These are examples of the type of changes that Camden felt could be implemented without consultation of local residents/businesses:

⁃ dropped kerbs
⁃ obstructive barriers (i.e. anti-motor cycle barriers)
⁃ stretches of poor road surface
⁃ Feeders into ASLs that are too short or non-mandatory

The response from members was very good and we were able to assemble a list of suggestions and submit it to Camden in November 2013. Camden responded by assigning an officer to work on the entire list and he has worked hard to progress them.

The web page linked above includes a table showing the list of 17 suggestions that were submitted to Camden, updated to show the five suggestions that we know for sure to have been completed (those table entries are in italic with completion date and a photo). There may be one or two other items in the list that have been completed - I haven't been to check all of them recently ;-) I would be very grateful to anyone who can give me up-to-date information on the status of the other items.

Several other minor changes that we have suggested, outside the 'Quick Wins' list have also been completed this year.

As far as I know Camden still intend to progress most of the remaining items. It is worth noting that some of these relatively minor changes received significant 'push-back' from locals, making the process slower and more expensive than it might have been.

We and Camden are still very positive about this campaign. Camden are now asking us for a set of 'Phase 2' suggestions. The criteria for this are likely to include the types of changes suggested in the first phase but also include some new ones.

We are still clarifying with Camden the new categories that can be classified as 'quick wins' (i.e. can be implemented without consultation). They may include:

⁃ widening cycle lanes or converting them to mandatory (i.e. replacing a dashed with a solid white line). In some cases this might be a first step towards installing lightweight segregation.
⁃ widening existing cycle lanes where there is limited traffic impact.
⁃ widening bus lanes to 4.5m to allow safer overtaking of buses by cycles and vice-versa.
⁃ adding cycle lanes that link up sections of bus lane.
⁃ trial lane closures to provide better space for cycling.
⁃ more 2-way cycling on side roads.

I would be grateful for your feedback, commenting on the categories of changes or preliminary suggestions for actual changes.

I plan to construct a new list for submission to Camden in October, but I would be grateful for concrete suggestions by mid-September.

It helps if you can provide a link to the relevant location on Google maps. A photo is even more helpful.

George C.


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